Enviromix products are produced from recycled “garden organics” (tree & shrub prunings, grass clippings, fallen leaves and general garden waste) recovered through your community's solid waste stream. Garden organics is one of the single largest components of the waste we currently bury in landfills throughout Australia. Enviromix clean, chip, blend then compost the garden organics to the highest standards available, Australian Standard 4454. This is your mark of a quality naturally pasteurized and composted product that ensures all harmful plant pathogens and viable weed seeds are destroyed. The Enviromix process results in quality garden materials that enhance soil health and have the stability of a slow decomposition rate. Enviromix helps complete the carbon cycle, returning carbon to the soil in the form of mulches and soil conditioners with the benefit of composted humic materials. Many other mulches currently available on the market are made up of timber chips, or bark which are either aged or fresh. These materials will use up the majority of fertilisers or food within the soil (which is normally available for the growth of plants) as they begin to decompose. By supporting our products you will be making a significant contribution towards a major reduction in waste to landfills, returning carbon to soils and greatly assist in improving our urban environment. Dig It In Compost soil conditioner is fully composted premium product that will improve the physical structure of soils including increased aeration, greater water-holding capacity and effective drainage and increased soil organic carbon. Dig It In has a balanced supply of trace elements essential for sustained plant growth and the ability to suppress certain plant pathogens and diseases. Dig It In is used at planting provides a significant reduction in transplantation shock of container-grown plants into the ground and improves plant growth through the establishment of stronger and larger root systems Dig it In is perfect for vegetable and flower gardens, perennial and shrub beds worked in prior to planting or dug in around existing plantings. Dig It In is weed-free and disease-free. It has been biologically processed to ensure that the mixture components will not absorb or trap fertilisers added to sustain plant growth. Plant Nutrients:- Nitrogen (N) Maintenance only. Phosphorus (P) Maintenance only. Potassium (K) One month's growth. Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Trace Elements are present in a balanced form and in quantities adequate for at least nine months under most growing conditions. PH:- 5.0-7.5 range. Physical Properties:- Air-filled porosity: >8% Organic Carbon >60% Biological Properties:- Enviromix products have been found to be suppressive to certain plant pathogens for up to 3 years. Rates & Use :- Blend Dig It In Compost with existing garden soil at a 30% proportion, 1 part compost to 3 parts soil.